WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY, 19TH AUGUST. World Humanitarian Day is a day dedicated to recognize humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes.
The day is celebrated on every 19th of August. It is directed towards honouring humanitarian efforts worldwide and propagating the idea of supporting people in crises and other causes that need support and attention.
Every year, a theme is drafted and attention is drawn to the personnel who work tirelessly in helping the victims mainly women, youths/ teenagers and children.

United Nations Organization has established a special day for those who make a difference in all Societies of the world and inspire others with their energy and enthusiasm.

Jumali in partnership with MDSCF joined the world over to call on United Nations Organizations, Civil Societies Organizations, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations to support the personnel involved in such service .
Happy World Humanitarian Day from JTSLTA/MDSCF

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