EARTH DAY; 22nd April.

EARTH DAY; 22nd April.
Earth day is observed every 22nd day in the month of April. It is a UN observed day which was first celebrated on the 22nd April 1970 when an estimated 20 million people nationwide attended inaugural event at tens of thousands of sites including elementary/secondary schools, university and community sites across the UN Countries .
It is a day of action aimed at promoting environmentalism through engagement activism, education, policy changes and peaceful protest.
Theme of the day”Planet vs Plastic” aiming at bringing attention to the serious issues of plastic pollution and how it harms nature. It is about understanding how everything in nature is connected. Scientist have discovered something facsinating happening underground.
NGOs, Civil society organisations today organize awareness programmes to raise awareness on the day.
Jumali as a training academy a non governmental organization join the world over to commemorate the day.

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