MAULUD NABIY; 12 Rabiul Auwal(27th September.

MAULUD NABIY; 12 Rabiul Auwal(27th September.
Maulud is a day designated as the date of the birth of Muslim’s Noble Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah which is the 3rd month of the Islamic calendar. It is an annually observed day. The whole month of Rabiul Auwal is covered in the celebration.
Muslim faithfuls observe the day in varieties of way including visitation to the holy land(Macca) to perform a lesser hajji and paying visits and offering prayers to the noble Prophet. (Peace be Upon Him )
Back home activities may also varies including Quranic and Hadith recitation, readings from Islamic books, competition between islamiyya schools and match pass.
New cloths are sewn by the participants to commemorate the day and lots more.

Jumali and MDSCF join the world of Muslims in the observance of the day. Happy MAULUD NABIY from JTSLTA and MDSCF.

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