Today is observed as World Bicycle Day. It is a United Nations Declared day and
annually observed by all member countries world wide.
The day is set aside to commemorate the use of bicycle and it’s importance.
Bicycles play vital role in transportation and communication in the early days and even now. It is use as part of exercise and recommended by physicians to Patients of diabetes.
In densely populated areas, bicycles are used as a fast means of transportation to avoid traffic gridlock, hence working class people prefer to go to work using bicycles.
They are also used for training of youths and teenagers for sports and game activities and for competitions where trophies are won.
They are also used as political campaigns gifts at rallies during Democratic dispensations to encourage voters to elect leaders.
It’s role could not be over emphasized.
The UN declared the day to create awareness on the importance of bicycle for social, political and economic purposes.
Activities to commemorate the day may include sports and games fitness by children and teenagers both in school and out of school, seminars targeting the day amongst others.
Themes are normally coined out to mark the day.
Jumali and MDSCF join the world over to celebrate this interesting day
Happy World Bicycle Day from JTSLTA and MDSCF

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