International Nurses Day also known as IND is a notable day and not a public holiday. It is observed today being the 12th of May and it is marked every year. It is celebrated by all nurses worldwide.

Who is a Nurse? He or she Is a person licensed and trained to care for sick especially in a hospital. He or she works in a hospital and try to care or alleviate an injuring part or illness by treating it carefully and protectively.

The day is a United Nations and World Health Organization declared day, they use the day to focus attention on the important task of recruiting and training nurses worldwide.

To commemorate the day , Nurses are appreciated in many ways. People are encouraged to take time to thank a nurse who has been there for them or their loved ones during days of sickness.

A theme is drawn every year. IND kits and materials that are educative
and informative are prepared and distributed of the day.
Nursing is a noble profession which has an official symbol of serpent entwined around a staff, it is an ancient Greek symbol associated with healing the sick.

Jumali and MDSCF join the Nurses around the world to observe the day, also call on the public to appreciate them for the saving, protecting and caring for life of the public.
Happy International Nurses day from JTSLTA/MDSCF.

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