International Midwives Day is celebrated every year on this day the 5th of May. It is to commemorate and increase the awareness about the contributions of the midwives towards the patients all over the world.

The day was established to honor the midwives for their big contribution towards the health of their nations and celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy in more than 50 countries around the world.

The day’s activities may range from, seminars, workshops and conferences with the sole aim of developing harmony and improve the knowledge and skills of all the midwives as well as promoting their profession worldwide by increasing awareness about their contribution.
So also, partners of midwives join hand to participate in many activities and highlight the importance of their role played in achieving the all over health of their nations.

Theme is usually drawn to commemorate the day where it is written and agree by all members of the participating nation before the day.
The day also ensures the universal coverage of the maternity care by fulfilling the need of estimated number of midwives globally.

Jumali as a training organization for teenagers join the world of midwives to observe the day.

Happy International midwives day from JTSLTA

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