World Tourism Day is observed on the 29th day of September, it is an annually observed day. It is a United Nations (UN) declared day by the United Nations General Assembly. It is considered as the third largest export industry in the world.

The day is celebrated with the hope to bring hope, prosperity and understanding to so many lives and livelihoods all over the world.

Tourism is defined as travel for pleasure, or business, also the theory and practice of touring, attracting, accommodating and entertaining.

Every year, thousands to millions of people travell from one destination to another and from one country to another for this purpose.

Tourism is known for development, a unique industry that brings people from different ethnic groups and background’s in order to promote the contribution of travels for Tourism . it is also aimed at building a better future for people, planet, Peace and prosperity.

Activities commemorating the day include visitation to places of interest, educative and entertainment. Seminar and sensitizations are organised to enlighten the public on the importance of tourism.
In the celebration of the day, every year a theme is drawn and are captured on all programs of the day.

Jumali and it’s target ie teenagers and youth joined the the rest of the world in the observance of the day, and added her voice for the those involved in Tourism, that; whenever they travel, they should remember to respect nature, culture and the host.
Happy World Tourism Day from JTSLTA.

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