Today is International Day of Families as declared by United Nations(UN) and observed annually globally amongst all world cultures. The day seeks to recognize the important role a family played in our society.

UN recognize the family as the basic unit of the society even with changes being noticed in its structure.
Family in a simple term means a group consisting of one or two parents, their children and close relation. It could also mean people who are related to each other .

The day concerns about issues affecting Families in society, their roles in economic growth and development as well as how best to address some of its challenging issues by the policy makers.

The aim of the day was to reflect on the significance that the International Community accord to the family as the basic unit of society, as well as voicing concerns regarding the current state of affairs of the family unit around the world.

The day’s symbol is represented by a symbol of a heart that stretches upwards and forms the root of a house. The heart is then engraved in a green circle to signify that the family is the center of the society and provides a stable abode to support people of all ages.

To observe the day, most communities honor the it through programmes and events such as public exhibitions and discussions to deliberate on ideas that are relevant to the specific theme of the year. In some countries toolkits are created to help communities organize celebrations targeting different sections of the population such as teen-ager, youths, and young adult. Public officials also hold seminars and forums both visual and online to discuss the policies that affect the family.

At community level the day provides a great opportunity for people to spend time in either their nuclear or extended families.

Jumali and MDSCF join families around the world to celebrate the day, and also add their voice to call the general public to support their families psychologically, socially and economically.
Happy International Day of Families from JTSLTA/MDSCF

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