World Hygiene is otherwise known as World Hand Hygiene Day. It is a day declared by World Health Organization (WHO) and echoes clean your hand campaign. The day energizes hand hygiene activities.
Hygiene is defined as the practice of keeping yourself, your living and working area clean in order to prevent illness and diseases.
Hygiene could also be the condition or practices conducive to maintaining health and prevent disease especially through cleanliness.
The day is celebrated as World Hand Hygiene Day with hand hygiene essentials.
The theme; ‘seconds save lives, clean your hand’ was drawn and achieved tremendously.
The save lives clean your hand global campaign launches in 2009 was aimed at maintaining global promotion, visibility and sustainability of hand hygiene in health care and to bring people together in support of hand hygiene improvement around the world. Since then, every year a theme is drawn by the WHO and member nations campaign and rally around the drafted theme. A call made by WHO to health care workers to achieve effective hand hygiene action at the point of care ( where three elements come together i e the patient, health care and workers)
Activities lined up for the day include among others seminars, symposiums both online and public gathering, with strict principle maintained for hand washing.
Jumali and MDSCF join the WHO in commemorating the day and call on the general public to observe the hand washing principles for the prevention of the spread of diseases and micro organisms.
Happy World Hygiene Day from JTSLTA/MDSCF

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