Today 1st march, is observed as Zero Discrimination Day. It is a United Nation decleared day observed by all member nations.
Discrimination is a state of being discriminated, distinguished from or set apart distinct treatment of an individual or group to their disadvantage, treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit.
Zero stands as; 0, Nil, No, Null, Nothing or None. Could also mean to eliminate, to delete, to overwrite with zero, to disappear.
Discrimination comes in different forms and manner, this is a practice that cut across all endevours of life and has no boarder either from gender perspectives.
The day was aims to promote equality before the law and in practice throughout all the member countries of the United Nations (UN). As part of
activities to mark the day among others include sensitization seminars, online group chatt, printing and distribution of informative materials capturing the theme of the year. UNAIDS called on people to make some noise around zero discrimination, to speak up and prevent discrimination from standing in the way of achieving ambitions, goals and dreams. The day is particularly noted by
Organizations that combat discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. “HIV related stigma and discrimination is persive and exists in almost every part of the world, the day tried to address it to a zero at minimal level.
Jumali in partnership with MDSCF join the civil societies, INGOs, NGOs, CBOs in the observance of the day.
Happy Zero Discrimination Day from JTSLTA/MDSCF

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