World Literary Day
Meanings:- Literary is related to literature, relating to writing or the profession of literature. And Literacy in a simple term means the ability to read, understanding of something example computer literacy. It could also mean knowledgeable of literature or writing, appropriate to literature rather than everyday writing.
The day is annually observed on every 8th of January. The day’s aimed at highting the importance of of literary to individuals, communities and societies. Moreso to raise awareness to the problem of literary: NGOs, the writers’ engagement, various companies and charity organizations that support the fight against literary.
The day is celebrated becouse some million adults lack minimum literary skills and writings of books, poems and poetery; this is to say one in five adults is still not literate. These menace are mainly caused by the trend the world is into i.e insurgency , terrorism, globalisation and some inteding problems attached. There are clear connections between illiteracy, literary and poverty.
Activities marking the day could include among others; online program including talk shows, seminars and conferences. Others are printing and distribution of imformative and educating materials to raise awareness on the day by NGOs, CSOs, Government and other Coperate Organizations working on literary empowerment such as Association of writers and publishers among others.
Jumali and Mamman Dawee Foundation join the world over to commemorate the day and call on the public to devote their time to the writing of poems, poetry and other books on entertainment, dramas, and songs among others or support in one way or the other that will empower the general public.
Happy World Literary Day from JTSLTA/MDSCF.

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