WORLD TOURISM DAY, 29th September.

WORLD TOURISM DAY, 29th September.
Today is observed as World Tourism Day, it is a United Nations (UN) decleared day being observed annually.
Tourism is an act of travelling or sightseeing particularly away from one’s home.
Person who engaged in tourism is called tourist or someone who travels for pleasure rather than for business. It also mean one who visits a place or attend a social event out of curiosity , wanting to watch without commitment or involvement. Every year a theme is derieved by the UN General Assembly which gives a unique opportunity for member nations to come together to promote the contribution of travel and tourism as a grand 21st centuary human activity, to build a better future for people, planet, peace and prosperity.
Today tourism became the 3rd largest export industry in the world after chemicals and fuels. It brings hope , prosperity and understanding to so many lives and livelihoods all over the world.
Activities marking the day include visiting recrestional places, picnics, social gathering and events, seminars and workshops to enlighten the public of what is all about tourism and its importance. INGO, NGOs, CBOs, CSOs and Government Agencies who are actively into tourism today are actively involved in today’s commemoration.
The world Tourism Day, captioned; whenever you travel, wherever you travel, remember to “RESPECT NATURE,
You can be the change you want to see in the world. You can be an ambassador for a better future. TRAVEL, ENJOY AND RESPECT.
Jumali in partnership with MDSCF join the CSOs and the general public in the observance of the day.
Happy World Tourism Day from

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