WORLD DAY AGAINST TRAFFICKING IN PERSON. 30th July. Today world wide is being observed as World Day Against Trafficking in Person, it is a United Nation(UN) decleared day to create and raise awareness on the menace of trafficking for preventive measures. It is a global problem that needs intervention from all angles. Trafficking simply means taking human either by decieful, mislead or by force labour to an unknown destinations not known to their imediate family back home. The victims of this menance are mostly women, children and youth mostly girls with fake promises which are hardly achieved. Some victims are kinaped and some children are sold out for rituals and other purposes.
The day is aimed at creating awareness and increase prevention of people being trafficked into modern day slavery. Organisations working on this have gone extra miles to stop the menance but with little positive result, this call for the participation of more stakeholders to curb it. Activities marking the day include sensitization seminars, rallies, symposium, TV shows, drama and lots more. Information materials carrying messages of prevention, consequences and dangers of trafficking are broadcasted.
Jumali in partnership with MDSCF join the world over to voice out to the public and also call on Government, Non- Governmental Organisations, Civil Society Organisation and Faith Based Organisation, religious and traditional leaders to join in the awareness of trafficking in person. Special call is to the NGOs working with women, teenage girls to fight the menace so as to have a society free of trafficking in person . Happy World Day Against Trafficking in Persons From JTSLTA/MDSCF

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