Today is observed as International Day of Friendship, it is annually observed and United Nations decleared day.
On this day, there exist a renewal of friendship between two or more people that come together for a purpose.
We all know that friendship exist based on one of the following; business, school, class, workplace, market, politics, family and marriages among others.
There are important factors that aid keeping friendship/ relationship ties, some of which include mutual understanding between the two, trust, honesty respect, tolarance, fairplay, endurance and commitment among others with the aim of getting acquintance with each other. These friendships can extend to become associations, organisations and lots more helping in one way or the other.
The day’s activities include, phone calls to each other, exchange of gifts and cards, visitations to relations to tie the relationship between. Also in the observance of the day, lectures and sensitization seminars are held to enlighten the public on the importance of Friendship. This day do occur once in a year, as such, more people need to become friends for life so as to attain the qualities stated above. Jumali and MDSCF who are partners and friends in development join the world over in the observance of the day and also call on all to join hands in the maintainance of friendship. To the family, a call to extend hands of fellowship to their loved ones and to the children, to ensure that friendship countinues to reign among all members .
Happy International Day of Friendship.

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