World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. 21st May 2020

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. 21st May.
This day is observed annually to commemorate with the different cultures diversed world wide in different regions and nations. The day was set aside to bring the differnt cultures to dialogue amongst themselves for peaceful co-existance, unity, progress and as a whole for develpoment. Culture is the way of life of people and how it affects the society. These include the type of dressing, type of food, marriages and ceremonies among others. Each culture has its unique way through which it operates, by so doing, one culture would not favour the other as they carry on with their programs, festivities and the likes, these calls for understanding amongs the different cultures, that is the dialogue being aggitated by the day.
The aim of this day is to bring cohession among the diverse cultures for peace, Development, and living in harmony among other things. Activities marking this day include seminars, symposium, conference, rally, etc information materials are distributed carrying massages of peaceful co-existance among the cultural diversity world wide.
As we are celebrating the day, a call is made amongst the different cultures to collectively join hands in the fight against covid-19, no matter our cultural background.
Jumali and MDSCF join all the NGOs, INGOs, CSOs working in our societies and Government on the need for dialogue for development. Stay safe and free from the pandemic of covid -19 by observing all the rules given by Doctors and The Federal Government as well as other professionals.
Happy World Day for Cultural diversity for Dialogue and Development

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