International midwives day, 5/5/2020

International Midwives Day is observed today, 5th May. Today marks yet another day to celebrate the day, it is aimed at identifying and honouring the role and contributions played by the Midwives all over the world, some of which include saving lives of mothers and babies, provision of palliative care and support, saving lives of those who are in critical conditions. Midwives have also contributed in the aspect of obstetric and gynecology and other health complicated related issues with success.
In the event of pandemic, midwives are seen playing roles of providing care to those infected and those in isolations by given them all the needed attention This day was observed with lots of event being organized by Midwives across the globe some of such events include seminars, sensitizations and confrences on the need for midwives in the society.
Jumali in conjunction with MDSCF join the Midwives the world over in the observance of the day and also call on Government and other coporate bodies, INGOs, NGOs to support them with all the technical Aids needed to carry out their duties, especially now that they are highly committed to curtail the world wide pandemic as they are phrone to danger of contracting the covid-19. Stay safe and free from covid-19. Covid -19 is real.
Happy International Midwives Day to all, from JTSLTA/MDSCF.

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