Today is 1st May, Worker’s Day.

Today is 1st May, regarded worldwide as Labour Day otherwise known as Worker’s Day. It is observed worldwide to honor those who fought for the workers’ freedom and their welfare. Every year, the day is being observed with a theme drawn for the workers to put in more in terms of their professions.
This year celebration comes with the world pandemic of the corona virus disease which has affected the workers esteem.
The pandemic has made some of the workers to be infected in the course of their duties.
With these at the background ,the government in collaboration with labour union has made a special provision on those workers who are exposed to such danger of becoming more vulnerable to the pandenic which is a commended effort.
As we are observing the lockdown and stay at home, some workers are still working tireslessly to safeguard lives of individuals and some make provision of essential needs. While these workers are there in the field, we are calling the INGOs, Government and Coporate organisations, Civil Societies Organisations as well as Individuals to support the workers to curb the menance of this pandemic.
Jumali in Partership with MDSCF join the world over in the observanve of this day.
Happy Labour Day from JTSLTA/MDSCF

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