Avoid depression.

Good day lovely people of Nigeria . Usually people use free time to visit friends or have fun at parks or eateries but now that you can’t visit anybody’s or go out. what should people do with thier time to avoid depression in this era of lockdown . Research has shown that depressed people are at high risk .This is how to make the best use of the lock down period to avoid depression .Read and pass to loved ones facing lockdown anxiety. With a drawn up time table either written or by heart.

1. Use your morning after breakfast before taking your bathe to sort out your vital documents from the non vital documents to do away with useless papers occupying your brief case .

2. Use this time to select clothes shoes and other wardrobe clothings you don’t need so you can give away after the lock down period to indegent People .

3. Use this period to learn a game e.g. Scrabble, ludo, cycling in your estate or environment.

4. Use this period to re-arrange you library and clean with a semi damp cloth the books that have gathered dust as well as dust the selves .

5. Use this lock down period to make some important calls to check on close family members you have not had the time to stay in touch with .

6. Use this period to play some old music and dance or listen to preachings from men of God but don’t disturb your neighbors .

7. Use this period to cook some meals you may have not had time to make even men can help out in this, if you want your family to have a memorable time after this whole time of lockdown .

8. Use this time to learn some verses by heart in the Holy books and pray fervently to our creator for a fast exit out of this Convid -19 Era safe and healthy.

God bless as you pass it around. Note that time wasted is never recovered…JTSLTA

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